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    What is this election?

    Every four years, Democrats across California elect representatives to their local county Democratic Central Committees, typically during the Presidential Primary election.

    This March 5th, within Alameda County, we are electing 33 members to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, with 10 of those seats going to Democrats within Assembly District 18.

    We are a diverse group of like-minded Democrats from across Alameda, Oakland, and Emeryville (AD-18) seeking to represent you on our Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. Be sure to vote for us on March 5th.

    What is the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC)?

    The ACDCC is the backbone of the Democratic Party in Alameda County. It functions like a local board of directors, setting the stage for the party’s policies and election strategies within the county. Members of the ACDCC are tasked with key responsibilities such as endorsing candidates for local offices, coordinating Democratic efforts in local elections, and serving as the voice of the party at the grassroots level. By participating in the ACDCC, we can directly influence the Democratic agenda in our community, ensuring it aligns with our local needs and values.

    How Does ACDCC Representation Work Within Alameda County?

    The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC) represents Democrats across Alameda County. ACDCC board seats are segmented by each state assembly district that overlaps with Alameda County. On March 5th, new representatives from 5 different assembly districts will be elected.

    Depending on where you live in Alameda County, on your March 5th ballot, you will see different candidates to represent you within the ACDCC. The number of seats is proportioned by the number of registered Democrats within both the county and the specific assembly district.

    *Our slate represents the residents of Assembly District 18*

    Assembly DistrictAreas CoveredSeatsAssembly Member
    AD-18Alameda, Emeryville, majority of Oakland10Mia Bonta
    AD-14Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, parts of Oakland7Buffy Wicks
    AD-16Livermore, parts of Dublin4Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
    AD-20San Leandro, Hayword8Liz Ortega
    AD-24Fremont4Alex Lee