Zac Bowling


  • Attorney General Rob Bonta
  • Assemblymember Mia Bonta
  • Alameda County Assessor Phong La
  • Emeryville Mayor Courtney Welch
  • Alameda Mayor Ezzy Ashcraft
  • Alameda Councilmember Malia Vella
  • Emeryville City Councilmember John Bauters
  • Berkeley City Councilmember Terry Taplin
  • AUSD President Jennifer Williams
  • AUSD Trustee Heather Little
  • AUSD Trustee Ryan LaLonde
  • Former Alameda Councilmember Jim Oddie
  • Sprinkler Fitters Union, Local 483
  • YIMBY Action
  • East Bay YIMBY

Zac Bowling is a lifelong Democrat, progressive, alumni union member, and grassroots activist. Bowling dedicates his efforts to affordable housing and social justice causes. He most recently held the position of President at the City of Alameda Democratic Club and has been elected twice as a delegate (ADEM) to the California Democratic Party representing AD-18.

After experiencing homelessness in his 20s and dealing with the challenges of high housing costs and the scarcity of affordable options, Bowling focused his resolve on ending the current housing crisis. His activism centers around protecting renters, addressing housing affordability issues, increasing housing production, and striving to end homelessness. 

For thirteen years, he has been involved in several efforts to overturn exclusionary local restrictions on needed housing across the East Bay, getting many different affordable housing projects off the ground and also winning lawsuits against both local cities and the state to hold them accountable when they egregiously violate state law on housing. 

He has also been involved in dozens of local and statewide grassroots campaigns, advocating and pushing for legislation in areas such as homelessness, tenant rights, climate change, public transit funding, public education funding, and fair wages to workers. He was campaign staff on several local ballot measures and campaigns, including Alameda Measure A in 2019 to build the Alameda Wellness Center for the elderly homeless and Measure Z in 2020 to end the band multi-family housing in Alameda.

In 2019, Bowling co-founded East Bay YIMBY, a pro-housing advocacy group where he actively participates as a volunteer lead. In 2021, he was among the founding members of the Alphabet Workers Union, focusing on unionizing Google and holding tech companies accountable by championing worker rights, especially for contract workers in the tech industry.

In his free, Bowling is also an educational TikToker/YouTuber with over 130,000 subscribers. His content focuses on housing and transit policy and mobilizing young people for progressive and democratic causes. 

His aspiration to join the ACDEM board stems from a desire to refocus the central committee on issues critical to the local region. He emphasizes the importance of the next two years for Democrats to gain and maintain control of the House, Senate, and White House and to counteract right-wing extremism.